Head Start

Tara smiled as 3 year old Jason opened the door for her.  He was so excited he was jumping up and down.  “Do you have time for a visit?” Tara called to his mom, Sherron, who was still in the kitchen.  Sherron came out nodding. “ I don’t think you have a lot of choice” Tara joked, as the three exited youngsters dragged her into the living room.  Sherron, who was very quiet, smiled and followed.  They all helped set out the tarp and settled in for an hour of fun filled activities.

The Battle River Treaty 8 Health Centre Head Start program focuses on families of children from the ages of 0 to 3.  The Home Visitor will show you ways to talk to your child, read to your child, play with your child and explore new things with your child.

Your family will be invited to join other families for Centre-based programming.  This is a celebration where interaction with other families is encouraged.  An Elder is available to pray and model language and culture to parents and children.  The Home Visitor models to all the parents how to interact with children and the families learn from each other.

These are just some of the things that you can do to make the most of learning in these early years.  Remember you are the best teacher your child can have during these years and your home is the best classroom.